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The School of Foreign Languages in Edirne was established under the body of Trakya University  with  the  regulation  of  the  Council  of  Ministers  on  30.09.2005,  and  after Compulsory  and  Optional  Preparatory  Classes  of  English  and  German  Languages  were declared to be assembled under the body of the School of Foreign Languages, it was launched to enable education as from 2006-2007 Academic Year. In the same Academic Year, in order to  meet  the  necessity  for  experts  speaking  more  than  one  language,  Translation  and Interpretation Department was established and twenty students were registered.

The fact that Trakya Region and Edirne have common borders with Balkan Countries necessitated teaching and bringing Balkan Languages to the foreground together with English and German languages. Related to this, as a second step further, The Department of Bulgarian Translation and Interpretation and the Departments of Balkan Languages; Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian, and also Russian which is commonly spoken in some of Balkan Countries were established; and students started to be accepted into these departments from 2007-2008 Academic Year. These Departments were later on included in the Faculty of Science and Letters in accordance  with  the  Law  of  Higher  Education  Council  dated  07.  02.  2008;  and  The Department of Croatian Language and Literature was also added to these programs. Besides, in accordance with the Resolution of the General Board of Higher Education Council dated 03.09.2008, it was resolved that Foreign Languages Department would be established under the body of the Department of Foreign Languages and this would include Armenian Language and Literature Department.

Currently the School of Foreign Languages enables preparatory classes in German, English and Bulgarian langauges.
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