General Information

1- The Aim of Compulsory Foreign Language Preparatory Program

The aim of Foreign Language Preparatory Classes maintained in the School of Foreign Languages at Trakya University is to provide students, who attend programs prescribing foreign language education, with the competence to understand what they write and read, comprehend, translate texts into Turkish, express themselves in both oral and written ways, and provide language communication for Professional, cultural, and social life.

2-  Evaluation and Assessment Criteria about Considering Students Successful

As stated in the Education-Training and Examination Regulation of Trakya University School of Foreign Languages, at least one midterm, quizzes and performance tasks are being carried out during, and one final exam at the end of each semester for each course in the preparatory classes. Students who achieve 60 points and more out of 100 deserve to transfer to upper level. In order to take the foreign language exam at the end of the semester, students of foreign language programs should be at B2 level and students of Turkish programs or the ones taught in English partially should be at B1 level. Students who achieve 60 points and more out of 100 from the end-of-semester foreign language exam are considered successful.
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