Students who are not successful at their studies at Trakya University Preparatory Class can take the TOEFL ITP test which is held every term in February and June in addition to the proficiency exam.

In the result of the test consisting of three parts; Listening, Grammar and Reading, the students who get at least 543 points will receive B2 level certificate and who get at least 460 points will receive B1 level certificate and they will be considered as having completed the preparation program.

The participation in the test is optional.


The students have to pay for the test.


The students who wish to take the test will pay the amount determined for that year to the account number announced by the School of Foreign Languages.

The students who wish to take the test have to apply to the Directorate of the School of Foreign Languages with a petition, the photocopy of their identity card and

the receipt showing that the payment is done between the dates declared by the School of Foreign Languages.



Required documents:


TOEFL-ITP Application Form (Available from the School of Foreign Languages)

A petition addressed to the Directorate of TU the School of Foreign Languages

A copy of identity card or passport

A photocopy of TU student ID card

The receipt of test fee





The information in the answer sheet (name, surname, date of birth, test level (1)) has to be correctly coded.

The booklet cannot be marked. The tests of those who do it will be invalid.

Section 1 is the Listening Comprehension Section, which lasts for 35 minutes and will be listened to only once. Section 2 is the Grammar Section, which lasts for 25 minutes. Section 3 is the Reading Comprehension Section, which lasts for 55 minutes. Total time is 115 minutes. Each section will be answered within its own duration and the students cannot turn back to the previous section.

Each student will be given a blank sheet of paper that can be used to take notes and these papers will be collected at the end of the exam.


Evaluation: The evaluation is conducted by the Standard Test Training Services.


Announcement of the Results: Test results are announced on the Web Page of TU The School of Foreign Languages.

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